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"Live Your Road Trip Dream" is written in two sections, each designed for a different part of planning your own trip.

Part 1 - The Plan

What we heard time and again from people both at home and on the road, is that they would love to do a year-long trip like we did, but they don't have a clue how to begin getting themselves organized to actually make it happen.

This section gives you all the information you need to plan your own road trip of a lifetime - whatever that is for you. Take a trip around the United States like we did, or a long trek through Asia, or a motor home trip through Europe, or a sailboat trip around the world. We have included worksheets, budgets, common sense, a little psychology, and humor to help you on your way to wherever your dream takes you.

New Second Edition Includes:
  • Updated technology section
  • New budget highlights
  • All new resource sections with helpful websites
  • Information on "road schooling" your children, mid-life sabbaticals, and working on the road

Part 2 - The Trip

What's it really like to be on the road, away from home, every day for a year?

It's important is to get a feel for what it is like to travel for an extended period of time. Our road trip was in a camping van; your trip may be by boat or hiking - whatever your mode of movement the same principles apply.

This section will reveal a lot about the issues that we faced and how we handled them "on the fly." No matter how prepared you are for your adventure, each day will be endured or enjoyed based on how you react to all the scenarios you will face. It is also part of what makes the journey a trip of a lifetime.

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