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Retirement for the Restless
Carol & Phil White Featured in a Money Magazine article "Can you live long and prosper?"

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"Setting the date makes it a reality," added White, whose book chronicles how she and her husband Phil lived their dream of traveling the country for a year for about what it would have cost to stay home. – Beth Harpaz, Travel Editor, Associated Press, talking about New Year’s resolutions, December, 2004
(This book) is a practical and inspirational gift for RV owners, new retirees, or anyone who’s ever dreamed of a cross-country expedition. – Beth Harpaz, Travel Editor, Associated Press, November,2004
Live Your Road Trip Dream details a script for freeing ones self from life’s day-to-day attenuations so as to travel the open road for a year. …They proceed with reasonable options for dealing with houses, cars, shell-shocked kids, and other daunting obstacles and the whole idea doesn’t seem so farfetched after all. – Seth McEvoy, ForeWord Magazine, March-April, 2005
Globetrotting Entrepreneurs
These adventurers run businesses while traveling the world. Read the full story online

By Kristin Chessman | April 16, 2008

The book is friendly in tone, yet comprehensive in its detail. – Marcella Gauthier, Escapees Magazine, March-April. 2005
Throughout the book you’ll come across Phil’s scattered personal and insightful reflections of the stops they made, referred to as “Phil-osophies.” They had a marvelous tour... – Woodall’s CamperWays, March, 2005
… (they) thought of many things that others might forget when devising their own plans. The worksheets are excellent memory joggers. – Janet Groene, Family Motor Coaching, March, 2005
The collaboration of the husband and wife team of Phil and Carol White, Live Your Road Trip Dream: Travel For A Year For The Cost Of Staying Home is a superbly organized compendium of "trip tested" instruction, information and advice. Chapters address how to build a travel budget, break the news of a lengthy voyage to family and friends, plan a route, stay in touch while on the go, handle emergencies, as well as an engaging narration of the trip the authors took fill this compendium of practical advice and enjoyable armchair traveler stories. Recommended reading for anyone considering an extended road trip of their own. – James A. Cox, Editor, Midwest Book Review, October, 2004
Margie Boule Oregonian Writer

Carol & Phil White Featured in a Margie Boule article in the Oregonian. Carol and Phil White left Portland on a meticulously planned road trip they figured would take them all over the nation. It took them further. It took them into a whole new career. ...two big journey's the Whites have made in six years: one to all 48 contiguous states and another from unpublished travelers to publishing experts.

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Carol and Phil White share secrets to achieving the dream RV trip, Julianne Crane writes.
–Julianne Crane, The Spokesman-Review, August 27, 2005

(the White’s) Great American Adventure wasn’t perfect. The van needed repairs, Carol broke her ankle, and the digital camera bit the dust. … (however) the tone of the entire book is warm and encouraging, the Whites take an if-we-can-do-it-so-can-you attitude that comes through strong.
– Rebecca Ragain, Lifestyles Northwest, June, 2005
Clearly, taking a year off to see the United States is daunting and requires months of planning, but the Whites offer a detailed plan and budget. – Michael Martinez, San Jose Mercury News, May, 2005
What do two people who have taken early retirement from successful careers do next? Phil & Carol White took an extreme option that was crammed with experiences and challenges … seeing the USA and doing whatever came to mind. – Mary Ann Pinkston, Desert Magazine, May, 2005
Plan, pack light, and expect the unexpected along the way. – Maya Blackmun, The Oregonian, April 7. 2005
…the Whites reveal how to get started and how easy it really is to plan the trip of a lifetime. … Read the inside tips from the Whites on how to go out there and make it happen. – Bev Weiber, RV Companion, January/ February, 2005
You’ve had this fantasy, haven’t you? The one in which you decide to chuck it all and spend a year driving around the States, just taking in the sights and splendors. (The Whites) took their trip and wrote the book… – Richard P. Carpenter, Boston Globe, November, 2004
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take a year off from work, pack your bags, and hit the open road? – VIA Magazine (AAA), January-February, 2005
“Go live your dream.'' That's the advice Phil and Carol White have for baby boomers and other retirees who have always thought about taking an extended trip. …The book has detailed, useful information, checklists and questions to help others decide if they can turn their own dreams into a road trip. …This is a practical, intriguing book, well thought out. – Sue Scheible, The Patriot-Ledger (South Boston), November, 2004
Fresno Bee, (CA) Guy Keeler, January, 2005 (syndicated by New York Times)
…the authors pack their book with advice on making your dream happen. – Christine Delsol, San Francisco Chronicle, December, 2004
I love receiving a good book …, and even more so if it is about travel! For instance, a couple I know plan to retire soon and hit the road. Live Your Road Trip Dream … will help them figure it all out. – Donna Vieira, Editor, DreamScapes, November, 2004
Tualatin (OR) Public Library, April, 2005 (45)
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take a year off from work, pack your bags, and hit the open road? – VIA Magazine (AAA), January-February, 2005
Portland Community College, Adult Ed Classes, 2004-05 (6-10 per session)
Multnomah Athletic Club, August, 2004 (45)
Philip and Carol … now enjoy delighting audiences with the story of how they actually made it happen. – From the program, The Great North American RV Rally, 2004
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Exploring America -- One Couple Lives Their RV Dream
By: Ferne Arfin, Senior Travel About.com
Vibrant Nation
How a year in an RV spawned a second career
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...the informative chapters (are) applicable to any type of long and adventurous trip which takes people away from home for several months or more. Their tips will save you many dollars and many tears of frustration along the way. A terrific investment in your vacation! – Bonnie Neely, RealTravelAdventures.com, November, 2005
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RVTravel.com – “The price of gas really doesn’t matter”
GrandTimes.com – book excerpt, April, 2005
Is there anything more American than hitting the highway and seeing all corners of the United States? … The book accomplishes its goal of stirring one’s imagination about embarking on a modern American odyssey, and the Whites provide the tools to plan the potential trip of a lifetime.
– Dennis Gaub, for KOA Kompass, March, 2005
Are you crazy? You're gonna' take a year off and just toot around the country? … Not just a dippy "how we spent our vacation" tome, but a solid, how-to volume that reveals the joys to expect and the pitfalls to overcome. – Judi Janofsky, Rich Steck, Where to Go Next.com, January 18, 2005
Could you set aside the life you now have and take a year long road trip? …This (book) should be referred to as a resource manual... – Rhonda Pipkin, Photo & Travel, January, 2005
Have you ever thought: “Forget the job, let’s hit the road and come back when we’re ready, not a day sooner?” Do you want to take that trip of a lifetime, but can’t figure out how to leave it all behind? Live Your Road Trip Dream will inspire you to turn your personal travel dream into reality. – National Motorist website, November, 2004.
RoadNotes.com, (ongoing column) 2004-2005
…an excellent primer for those considering hitting the road for an extended road trip, although the lessons could just as easily be applied to any multi-month vacation. – Mark Sedenquist, Editor, RoadTripAmerica.com, August, 2004
BoomerCafe.com, July, 2004
Live Your Road Trip Dream
has done it again. Phil and Carol White were recently honored with the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for Marketing Excellence and Innovation from the PMA. The Independent Publisher's Association awarded them as the best in a national competition.
Finalist, ForeWord Magazine, Book of the Year contest, April, 2005
Independent Publisher, Highlighted Title, October, 2004


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